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Shell Campaign Featured in Marie Claire

This is a promo I'm proud to have directed earlier this year. In an effort to bring attention to the gender inequality in STEM and to improve working conditions for the women in the industry, oil company Shell spoke to female engineers, asking them to recall some of the shocking things that are said to them on a daily basis. Watch the film HERE:

Five Star Review by David Reviews for The Super Recogniser!!

''Sheridan does an excellent job of building a feeling of unease here, dread creeping in as it slowly becomes apparent that Jacob's world isn't what it seems. The design is also spot on, including just enough futuristic elements (the police's guns and helmets) mixed in with the familiar (Nicorette gum) to make things feel uncanny even before the reveal.''
FireShot Capture 2 - Short Films - _The Super Recogniser_ a_ - https___www.davidreviews.com_Clip.asp.png

The Super Recogniser gets a mention in SciFiNow Magazine:

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Interview with Jennifer Sheridan about Set Adrift ahead of it's showing at the DC Shorts Film Festival


Really enjoyed creating this little set of adverts for Moneybox. It's a great app that let's you save little and often, by rounding-up on the things you buy everyday! Check out the 30 second version below.

SET ADRIFT selected     for the VOWSS 2017 AWARD at Cannes Lions

THE VOICE OF A WOMAN & SHE SAYS will launch THE VOWSS with a selection of short films by women directors - drama, documentary, commercials, art/experimental films, music videos created by women internationally, closing with THE VOICE OF A WOMAN & SHESAYS AWARD - THE VOWSS AWARD given for Distinction, Direction and a Student Award.



Bowie The Dog 'Honoured' With A Best Male Actor Award at Emden

'Set Adrift' was nominated for the East Frisian Short Film Award at the International Film Festival in Emden, Germany this weekend. At the awards ceremony on Sunday, Bowie the dog who stars in the film was honoured with a 'Best Male Actor' award. Thank you Emden Film Festival for the wonderful hospitality, it's a great festival curated with passion and it was such an honour to attend.



Filmmaker Spotlight: Heartland Film Festival

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Jennifer Sheridan is an award winning director and editor from London, England. She has honed her skills as a storyteller through her work as an editor for the last ten years. As well as editing Rose d’Or winning & BAFTA nominated television, Jen has also edited a number of low budget features and shorts. Her first voyage into directing was her short film Rocket which went on to win the grand prize at the Virgin Media Shorts competition in 2012. Since then she has completed four more award-winning short films. She also directs music videos with her husband Matthew as a directing duo called AFLOAT (www.weareafloat.com).

Sheridan attended the 2015 Heartland Film Festival to promote the World Premiere of her short film Acoustic Kitty with the film’s writer/producer Adam Shakinovsky. Her film Set Adrift was an Official Selection at the 2016 Heartland Film Festival. Currently, Jennifer is working to raise the funds to produce her latest project The Super Recogniser.

The Next Citizen Canine: Working With Animals In Film

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Never work with children or animals…or so the saying goes, but in my experience both of these are a quick-fire round to an audience’s emotion and empathy. Personally, I can watch any number of humans come to gruesome ends, but when the psycho killer goes for the family pet? My eyes. are. closed. In fact there is even a website to help you avoid the emotional scars associated with pet deaths in cinema.

Animals on their own are good enough (just ask YouTube), but having an actor interact with animals in a film can say a lot about their character without resorting to explanatory dialogue. A clear example is a character who kicks a cat. Now we know instantly they are a bad egg, probably a villain, and someone for the hero to watch out for. It can be more complex than that – like what if they kill a mouse and instantly regret it? That’s potentially saying that they are impulsive, likely softhearted, maybe even trying to suppress a killer’s instinct... (Click here for full article)



SHORTS and to the Point: Jennifer Sheridan and Matthew Markham’s SET ADRIFT is a sad doggie story that will make you cry in 8 minutes flat

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Jennifer Sheridan and Matthew Markham’s short film SET ADRIFT takes the simplest of ideas – a pet dog grieving the lost of one of his humans, and turns it into a poetic tale of loss and acceptance that makes it a challenge for anyone to last its 8-minute runtime without shedding multiple tears. The husband and wife directing team have a penchant for working with animals in the series of shorts they have made to date, especially their little star of SET ADRIFT, Bowie, and it is clearly a formula that is working for them. We took advantage of the fact that Jennifer made the trip from her houseboat on the Thames in London all the way to Oxford, Mississippi for the Oxford Film Festival to ask her about the film and her little furry star.


The 405: Alice Jemima serenades the city from a rooftop in 'Electric' video


Directors Cut Featuring: Jennifer Sheridan

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Since its premiere, Acoustic Kitty has received fantastic critical response and wide acclaim. Some of the film's accolades include Audience Vote at Aestheitca Film Festival, Best Cast Ensemble and Special Mention at the London Lift-Off Film Festival. I couldn’t wait to find out more about this short gem...


What a Cat-astrophe! Story behind the CIA's plot to use 'spy cats' comes to the big screen.

The idea to use cats as spies sounds like a fantastical plot out of a science fiction movie. Yet, back in the 1960s, that was exactly the plan dreamed up by creative CIA agents as they attempted to find new methods of intelligence during the Cold War.

And now for the first time, the story behind the bizarre would-be intelligence method has been told in a new short film... Read more

Astro-dog short film Rocket wins Virgin Media Shorts

After the success of Ashleigh and Pudsey in Britain‘s Got Talent, it was only a matter of time before another dog stepped into the spotlight.

The winner of this year’s Virgin Media Shorts Awards is Jennifer Sheridan with her short film Rocket, which stars her pet dog Bowie on his journey to become an astronaut.

Actress and juror Julie Walters presented the Grand Prize to the London-born film-maker at a glitzy ceremony at the BFI Southbank in the capital on Thursday night.

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